Thursday, February 22, 2007

Planning Your Work… and Working Your Plan

As a storyteller and performer, I attended a Marketing Workshop in Greensboro, NC this past Saturday, February 17th. This free workshop, sponsored by the North Carolina Storytelling Guild, was organized by guild President, Kelly Swanson. And what a wonderful workshop it was! It was entertaining as well as a way to learn more about marketing myself as a speaker and storyteller - also to network with other fellow storytellers and writers. There is so much that we can share with one another. I have never been the best at “tooting my own horn” so this was the perfect opportunity to pick up some great tips.

The workshop was divided into three segments with Kelly, Pamela King Cable, author of Southern Fried Women and Laura Hamilton, Executive Secretary of the National Speakers Association/Carolinas as our presenters. I could tell that these ladies loved what they were doing and they gave their all. I have heard nothing but raving comments about their presentation. I continue to be on a high from the workshop and look forward to learning more from these three presenters. Kelly worked with excitement and diligence to provide this learning workshop that immediately followed the guild’s board meeting.
(You may click on their names above to learn more about them.)

Just hearing the word marketing has always frightened me. The topic seems so broad because there are so many possibilities out there when marketing oneself. I learned one simple rule from Kelly from the very beginning that seemed to console me. She said, “Don’t be overwhelmed at so many ways of marketing. Select the things that you pick up on and go with it.” Following this comment, I was definitely all ears.

I believe that hearing from these lively speakers with their diverse perspectives on marketing has given me a new perspective. Now I am geared up to cross more boundaries! My first decision was to update my websites photos and begin a new blog this week. I have intended to make changes in my site but this was the incentive to do it!