Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Memories and the Big Apple

I stood at Ground Zero in the heat of the day, yet a chill caused me to shiver, I saw Miss Liberty, I walked around Time Square, I gazed at strange people along the streets, and I attended a Broadway play. These are only a few flashbacks as I remember my trip last week.

I drove to New Jersey to be with relatives upon the death of my aunt Margaret. It was a sad time. Yet it was so memorable as I reflected with family on happier times. I was reminded of my childhood, my aunt’s youthfulness, family reunions, country cooking and fun times.

Unfortunately Alzheimer’s had snatched the enjoyment of life away from her these last few years. Well cared for, she seemed unaware of life around her. Then God sent his angels to take her soul to a perfect life on the “other side”.

My cousin and her husband convinced us “southern cousins” to stay with them an extra day so that they could take us to NYC. We endured their threat of hiding our car keys if we did not stay – by staying. And away we went to the big city. What a thrill! It had been more than 25 years since I was in NYC. I enjoyed every moment of it, including the Broadway play – The Drowsy Chaperon.

Last week’s visit to pay tribute to my Aunt Margaret shall always be a memorable experience. It was filled with pleasant memories and quality time with special cousins.

Our lives are filled with memories and memories are our stories.