Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy Summer

I realize that I haven’t taken time to blog this summer. It has been a busy time for me – researching and developing a storytelling program I have booked this winter, keeping up with storytelling workshops and festivals, photographing nature in my own flower garden, and “working out” at the fitness center.

I attended Dianne Hackworth’s Wild Week at the Wildacres Conference Center during the first week in July. This was a fun week of meeting new storytellers, networking with one another, learning, working on our storytelling skills and videotaping. Leaders, Dianne and David Joe Miller led a fantastic workshop.

These past couple of weeks I have been busy gathering articles and calendar items for the Journal of Tar Heel Tellers. JTHT is the North Carolina Storytelling Guild’s official newsletter that I have been editor of for eight years. Editing and laying out the journal continues to be a learning process. Each issue is a new challenge. And I never know how it will look until it’s actually published.

I recently ran into six of my old high school classmates. Since visiting with them, bits and pieces of stories are jogging my memory. I hope that once my mind and fingers begin to work together, I’ll have another new story to tell.