Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Has Arrived

   Yesterday was a beautiful day with the perfect spring temperature, 73 degrees.  I appreciate the beauty spring brings; I felt the soft breeze and paid attention to the birds’ songs.  My husband and I completed some much needed yard work.  
   Every year I forget about our little dogwood tree.   
The beauty of fresh blossoms goes unnoticed 'til they’re past their prime.  This year I decided to keep

a close eye on the buds.  For the first time I found new enjoyment from our dogwood tree.  A week ago I saw a sign of white unfurling.  Each day I noticed more and more white visible.  Three days ago I noticed blossoms had formed, yet small and tender.  I decided yesterday was the day to play.  I'd had enough back breaking work from digging up dandelions.
I pulled out Jim's little ladder that converts into a bench and placed it near the tree.  Up I climbed, armed with camera, and began to shoot away.  Trying to get different points of light from various sides or angles of the tree.  As I zoomed in for close-up shots, I noticed the intricacies of God's handiwork, which gave me 'joy in the moment.'  Singing birds flew in
and out of the tree, ignoring my presence.  Little chickadees flew in and out, returning again and again.  My attempt to capture them on camera was fruitless so I returned my concentration to dogwood blossoms. 

As I moved away from the dogwood blossoms, I walked toward another little tree in our side yard, a plum tree.  As I drew closer, tiny bright pink blossoms contrasted against deep burgundy leaves took my breath away.  I realized I wasn’t finished.  I had to take a few more photographs.  As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  And I don’t have the appropriate words to describe the handiwork of God.
     Each of us should slow down occasionally to drink from our Creator's handiwork.